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Puberty, Body Dissatisfaction and Girls with Maryann Jacobsen

Body dissatisfaction is something that is increasingly prevalent in girls going through puberty, and the effects it has on physical and emotional health causes concerns for so many parents. Well today, I have my good friend Maryann Jacobsen on the show to talk about her new book My Body’s Superpower: The Girl’s Guide to Growing Up Healthy During Puberty.

Puberty, Body Dissatisfaction and Girls

This is the first book of its kind to empower adolescent girls to see their bodies in a positive light. Using a fun and relevant superpower theme, Maryann shows girls what is happening in their bodies, how to decode and respond to their body’s signals, and how to make the best decisions as it relates to their physical and mental wellbeing.

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Listen in on my conversation with Maryann today as we discuss the risk of body dissatisfaction in girls. I hope this episode provides you with some perspective on what they’re going through and helps you develop a plan of action for you and your child to come out of the other side unscathed. 

"Girls gain fat and they don't grow proportionally all the way through puberty. All girls are different, but often they gain fat to prepare for their period. So, this is scary to them. They're gaining as much as 15 to 20 pounds a year, where… Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Body Dissatisfaction in Girls:

  • Why body dissatisfaction increases so dramatically during puberty.
  • How consuming media passively and not being critical can lead to an unhealthy body image.
  • The changes that girls’ bodies go through during puberty that they may think are abnormal.
  • How Maryann tailors her message to a middle-school-aged audience.
  • What constitutes a positive body image.
  • How to broach the subject of weight and “fat” with your daughters.
  • Why the absence of a negative body image does not mean they have a positive body image.

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