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Nutrition Consultation

Are You Really Stuck?

I’ve developed deep expertise in my over 30 years in pediatric nutrition and feeding. As a 5-time author, writer, and consultant, I stay abreast of current research and practices.

As my schedule has become limited (writing another book, speaking, podcasting, helping other professionals, and consulting for other organizations), I’ve focused on The Nourished Child® website to help the maximum number of families I can.

Believe me, I loved my private practice and I miss it.

Each week I get emails from parents who want more help. And I want to help them!

Most clients need some great direction, reassurance, and top-line advice. But many others need deeper involvement and longer-term support and care.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to dedicate enough time to sufficiently commit to patients who require longer term care.

However, I’ve can help – in small bursts – those of you who have a quick question, who need a simple strategy, or need direction on next steps.

If you need my brain, let’s talk.

Here’s What I Can Offer:

  • Nutrition coaching and consultation
  • Food and feeding guidance
  • Nutrition education
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Answers to your questions  
  • A suggested healthcare professional for medical nutrition therapy, and other associated services
  • An understanding of what may be going on with you/your child, peace of mind, and a “next step.”

If You’d Like to Speak with Me…

  1. Select a date and time on my calendar. (Wednesdays only.)
  2. Pay for the appointment. (Fee: $400 per 50 minute session; payment due prior to our meeting.)
  3. Show up! A confirmation link with virtual login details will be sent via email.

Service Limitations:

If you would benefit from a deeper commitment or ongoing support, part of our work will be focused on helping you find the services you need.

There are no refunds.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, I require 2 business days notice. You may reschedule within 30 days of your original appointment.

The Nourished Child helps families take a holistic view of food, nutrition, feeding, development and health.