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The Nourished Child Mini-Trainings

Mini Trainings

A Positive Family Feeding Strategy

This 80-minute training is broken into 5 smaller lessons so you can hone your positive feeding skills so that your child develops a healthy relationship with food and learns to enjoy all foods.
You’ll learn:
– The essentials of good feeding: Trust, self-regulation and how to parent around food in a positive way.
– Negative interactions and how they undermine your child’s eating.
– Techniques to feed your child so his relationship with food thrives, he enjoys eating, and becomes more adventurous at the table.

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A Healthy Home Food System

This 2-hour mini training is broken into 6 smaller lessons so you can dive into your food system at home and optimize it to be the most balanced it can be, given your child’s food preferences.

You’ll learn about:
– The most important nutrients for your growing and developing child (so she doesn’t experience deficiencies).
– How to balance all foods (including sweets and treats) in your meal and snack plans.
Appropriate food portions for kids.
– How to read the new nutrition labels and an ingredients list, and know when to go organic or stay conventional.
– The specific nutritional concerns for kids while tweaking (or completely revamping) your food system so that it’s healthier.

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Your Child’s Development and Eating

This 1-hour training is broken into three smaller lessons. Be prepared for all the changes that happen as your child grows so that you excel at food parenting. You’ll learn:

– Your child’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth and how it relates to her eating.
– Ways to teach your child about food and nutrition using creative and effective approaches, while building motivation and curiosity.
– How to use everyday food activities to build self-esteem and a good body image.
– How to respond to real life challenges in ways that keep you in charge while being sensitive to your child’s learning needs.

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Food Is Fuel for Young Athletes

Teach the young athlete about food, nutrients, and how the body uses calories and macronutrients like protein to improve athletic performance. In this mini training, your athlete will learn:

What it means to have a healthy diet

– The function and purpose of the major nutrients for sport: carbohydrates, protein and fat
– How to calculate daily energy and major nutrient requirements
– The food sources that deliver important nutrients
– How to balance all foods in the daily athletic diet

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Micronutrition for Young Athletes

Bring awareness to micronutrients and their role in health and the avoidance of injury and illness. Your athlete will learn about:

– The role of vitamins and minerals in sport
– Where to locate vitamins and minerals in food
– Calcium and vitamin D, the bone building nutrients
– The important role of iron in the athlete’s diet
– Where to source important micronutrients from food
– What to do if there is a deficiency in his or her diet

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Fluids and Hydration for Young Athletes

The Goal: Teach the athlete what to drink, how much, and how to spot dehydration. In this module, your athlete will learn:

– The best hydration drinks
– Why dehydration can rob the young athlete of a great performance
– How much fluid young athletes need
– To spot dehydration
– Several ways to check hydration status
– Best criteria for choosing a sports drink
– The lowdown on energy drinks and electrolyte drinks and how to manage them

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A Nutrition Plan for Sports

The Goal: Develop an eating plan for both training and competition. Here your athlete will take everything learned about food as fuel and put it together into a meal and snack plan. Specifically:

– How to balance all foods at mealtime
– What constitutes a power snack
– The best timing of eating (before, during and after exercise)
– What changes need to be made for competition days

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Feeding and ADHD Diets

Here, the focus is on the day-to-day grind of feeding your child. From setting limits and positive feeding strategies to navigating special diets and tailoring your feeding approach, by the end of this mini training you’ll have:

Here are the lessons you can expect:

Lesson 1: The Ups and Downs of Eating
Lesson 2: What is Food Parenting?
Lesson 3: Feeding for Success
Lesson 4: Special Diets

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The Food Fix for ADHD

As the name suggests, in this mini training, you’ll give your complete focus to food and nutrients. Specifically, what your child is eating, what he should be eating, and how to strategize a path to better nutrition.

The training breaks down into the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Growth & Nutrition Challenges with ADHD
Lesson 2: Nutrition for ADHD
Lesson 3: Sugar & Additives and ADHD
Lesson 4: Improving Nutrition with a Healthy ADHD Diet

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