About Us

The Nourished Child® is a nutrition school providing online nutrition courses and education for parents and kids. Founded by pediatric dietitian, Jill Castle MS, RDN, The Nourished Child® was developed through her 30+ years as a pediatric dietitian.

The Nourished Child® aims to nourish the WHOLE child, inside and out. We do this through a modern approach to childhood nutrition, including a focus on integrating three main areas:

Food: We strike a balance of nutritious foods to meet the nutritional requirements of your child, while optimizing the enjoyment of all foods.

Feeding: We strive for positive feeding interactions and a nurturing feeding environment, with the goal of promoting a healthy relationship with food.

Child Development: We keep an eye on where children are at on the developmental spectrum to inform our responses and decisions about food and feeding, while acknowledging the temperament of the child as a guiding light to their response to food, feeding approaches and their environment.

Parent and child cooking together

Our Core Values

We are agents of change.

In a world where information is coming from left and right, “experts” are everywhere, and our kids are growing up in an increasingly complicated world of food, we seek to change how every parent views nourishing and feeding their child.

We aim to make parents confident, competent and all-knowing when it comes to nourishing and nurturing their kids throughout childhood. We want every parent to feel good about the food and feeding decisions they make for their child.

We believe:

  1. All Bodies are Good Bodies. We respect all shapes, sizes, colors, weights and abilities.
  2. All Foods Fit. We fuse medical status, health goals, food access, financial realities, and cultural preferences.
  3. Food Balance is a Dance. We understand a nourishing diet is an eating pattern that is varied, uniquely yours and in flux.
  4. A Nourishing Diet is a Nurturing Diet. We believe what we feed our kids is as important as how we feed them.
  5. You Are the Expert of Your Child. We know that nobody knows your chid better than you.
  6. One Stage Leads to Another. We appreciate childhood is ever-changing. It builds on the successes and challenges of the past.
  7. Raising Good Eaters is Personal. We consider that you have a food history and you’re creating one for your child. This is part of your life’s work, your legacy. We know you want to get this right.
  8. Scientific evidence over opinion. Of course, we value lived experience, too, but we don’t gamble with any child’s nutritional status and health.

How We Help

As a trained pediatric nutritionist and mother of four, Jill relied on her nutrition and feeding knowledge to help her raise her own good eaters and get through the challenging times. She came to understand that knowledge was her secret weapon.

We want you to have your own base of knowledge. Your own secret weapon.

The Nourished Child® is our effort to arm you with the know-how you need to raise good eaters who enjoy food and who have a healthy relationship with it.

Whether it be about the most modern way to nourish kids today, how to manage an athlete’s diet or a child with ADHD, or transitioning your family to family-style meals, The Nourished Child® offers a nutrition school full of nutrition classes and guidebooks.

Raise good eaters who have a healthy relationship with food.

Cut though the confusing noise and skip to the front of the class with this unique and modern online, self-paced learning experience.

You’ll find nutrition classes and guidebooks to cover your most pressing needs. Our parent education programs consist of multiple, comprehensive modules, each of which include about 20 video lessons. To support these nutrition lessons, additional printables, worksheets, and guides support learning along the way.

Each childhood nutrition guidebook takes a deep dive into a specific topic, breaking it down with current research and practical ways to implement changes today. In a nutshell, you get your questions answered quickly.

Nutrition workshops, programs, and guidebooks are available anytime, anywhere. Our platform is mobile-friendly allowing you to access it 24/7.

See our bank of educational options in our Shop.

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Which Online Nutrition Courses are Right for Me?

There are a variety of online nutrition education classes available. Our flagship course, The Nourished Child Blueprint®, gives you everything you need to know about nutrition and feeding kids. This program outlines basic food, feeding and child developmental milestones for any parent so they nourish their child’s body, mind and spirit. We consider this our foundational class, so it’s a good place to start.

Or, take a more specialized program, like The ADHD Diet for Kids. This is designed to help parents of children with ADHD tailor the best diet, nutrients, and feeding interactions to ensure optimal growth, behavior and learning for their child.

There are so many more, and we’re growing. You can register for complete programs or buy a single lesson — whatever suits you best!

We are constantly creating nutrition workshops, programs and guidebooks to help you be the best food parent on the planet for your little and big ones.

Get clear on feeding your child and never feel guilty again.

How much do The Nourished Child® programs cost?

From a single lesson to a complete program, our fees range from $27 to $297, depending on the depth and length of the program.

A downloadable, PDF guidebook costs about $10.

[If you’re a parent, professional or healthcare organization and are interested in access to our classes and resources for your participants, clients or employees, contact us!]

If you have questions, please contact us to help – we’re happy to!

Jill Castle pediatric dietitian and founder of The Nourished Child®
Jill Castle, pediatric dietitian and Founder of The Nourished Child®

More Ways to Learn About Child Nutrition

If a class, workshop, or in-depth guidebook isn’t your thing right now, don’t worry. You can still learn! We try to meet you where you’re at, whether it be driving kids around to after-school activities or feeding your baby in the middle of the night.

Did you know we have a podcast? Yes!

With over 135 episodes focused on infant, toddler, child and teen nutrition, and loaded with practical insight from Jill and her expert guests, you can learn while you exercise, clean the house, or travel.

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We also have a bank of articles and practical guidance to help you understand nutrition for kids. Check out the blog!

Both the podcast and blog are FREE resources for you, helping support your journey of raising good eaters.