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The Nourished Child Blueprint [Course]

Raise good eaters and nourished kids with nutritious food, positive feeding strategies, and an eye on independence and autonomy.

Learn what it takes to truly nourish the whole child for a future of health and wellness with The Nourished Child Blueprint, a foundational nutrition 101 course for parents and caretakers.

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The Proven Food System, Feeding Strategy & Developmental Game Plan to Nurture a Healthy Child, Inside & Out

A Comprehensive ‘Nutrition 101’ for Parents

We live in a world where there are more calories, more sugar, more fat and more sodium in the food we eat. And where there is less running, less skipping, less biking and less dancing in the lives we lead.

It makes raising a healthy child harder.

Helping your child grow and thrive healthfully isn’t easy. It takes a lot of savviness to raise a good eater.  

But you have more power than you know.

In fact, studies show that educating parents in nutrition is more effective in influencing kids and teens’ health than educating the child himself.

Your child’s health relies on child nourishment – the food he eats, the attitude and approach with which you feed him, the structure and boundaries you have in place, and a knowledge of his development.

Unless you have a nutrition and feeding approach that encourages your child’s overall health, you will continue to question yourself, feel guilty and struggle with your child over his food selections, eating habits and more.

The Nourished Child Blueprint helps you get clear on your food system, your feeding strategy and your plan to grow an independent, autonomous human who can take care of himself when he leaves the nest.

In other words, The Nourished Child Blueprint is your Nutrition 101 class.

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Learn the Basics about Childhood Nutrition

The Nourished Child Blueprint teaches the strategies and systems to optimal health, including growth and development, food, feeding, lifestyle, and helps you troubleshoot common nutrition challenges.

Learn everything you should have been taught before you brought your little one home. Essentially, the nutrition 101 you need.

Here’s how the class breaks down:

Module 1: The Food System: Creating Your Nutritious & Flexible Food Plan

The Goal: Dive into your food system at home and optimize it to be the most balanced it can be, given your child’s food preferences. You’ll learn about:

  • The most important nutrients for your growing and developing child (so she doesn’t experience deficiencies).
  • How to balance all foods (including sweets and treats) in your meal and snack plans.
  • Appropriate food portions for kids.
  • How to read the new nutrition labels and an ingredients list, and know when to go organic or stay conventional.
  • The specific nutritional concerns for kids while tweaking (or completely revamping) your food system so that it’s healthier.

Module 2: The Feeding Strategy: Becoming a Force for Good Eating

The Goal: Hone your positive feeding skills so that your child develops a healthy relationship with food and learns to enjoy all foods. You’ll learn:

  • The essentials of good feeding: Trust, self-regulation and how to parent around food in a positive way.
  • Negative interactions and how they undermine your child’s eating.
  • Techniques to feed your child so his relationship with food thrives, he enjoys eating, and becomes more adventurous at the table.

Sample Materials from the Program

Module 3: Child Development: Knowing What to Expect (& How to Respond)

The Goal: Be prepared for all the changes that happen as your child grows so that you excel at food parenting. You’ll learn:

  • Your child’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth and how it relates to her eating.
  • Ways to teach your child about food and nutrition using creative and effective approaches, while building motivation and curiosity.
  • How to use everyday food activities to build self-esteem and a good body image.
  • How to respond to real life challenges in ways that keep you in charge while being sensitive to your child’s learning needs.

Module 4: Putting It All Together: Triage & Troubleshoot Common Challenges

The Goal: To make YOU the expert in feeding your child, leaving you with a way to address – ON YOUR OWN – any food, nutrition or eating challenge that you’re facing. You’ll learn:

  • Methods to determine the root of eating challenges and address it with easy tweaks to either your food system, feeding strategy, or daily interactions.

Additions to the Program

The Nourished Child Blueprint comes with a few extra bells and whistles to support your learning.

  • The Essential Healthy Habits for Kids

The end result: An incredibly solid approach to nourishing your child now and for the rest of his childhood.

Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Well Nourished Child, Inside and Out

The Nourished Child Blueprint is the first of its kind to:

  • Use practical, up-to-date, research-based approaches
  • Teach a flexible system for all foods, even sweets and treats
  • Focus on positive strategies for feeding kids, and avoid the negative ones
  • Outline what to expect with physical, cognitive, social and emotional development (& how to respond to your changing child)

This is an online nutrition class that gives you the flexibility to study on the schedule that fits your life — whether that’s at 5 a.m. before your child wakes up, during your lunch break, or for a few hours late at night.  

You’ll Get:

  • 25 video and audio lessons viewed on desktop or mobile
  • Over 30 printable cheat sheets, guides and resources
  • And bonus lessons and materials.
  • Lifetime access, available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Want More Nutrition Education and Support?

Check out our other nutrition classes and guidebooks designed to help you nourish your child, inside and out.

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Don’t want the entire program? No problem! You can order the modules for this program separately, a la carte!

Module 1: A Healthy Food System

Six lessons to optimize food at home to be the most balanced it can be, given your child’s food preferences.

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Module 2: A Positive Family Feeding Strategy

Five lessons to hone your positive feeding skills so your child develops a healthy relationship with food and learns to enjoy all foods.

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Module 3: Child Development and Eating

Three lessons to help you understand cognitive, social and emotional development at every age and how it influences eating.

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