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Nutrition Guidebooks for Parents

Our nutrition guidebooks for parents target specific topics like food parenting, nutrients for kids and recipes for young athletes so you can dig deeper into nutrition and feeding kids, while getting fast solutions in a quick read.

Whether you want to understand calcium at a deeper level, need new ideas for snacks, or something else, we’ve got you covered. We’re committed to adding more nutrition guidebooks for you on a variety of topics!

All guidebooks are downloadable in PDF format. Print them or store them on your computer.

Check out what we have available below.

Nutrients for Kids: Advanced Guide

Learn about critical nutrients & food sources.

Learn about the 7 most critical nutrients for kids, their functions for health and growth, and where to find them in food. Use our simple approach to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on important vitamins and minerals for health. This booklet includes 34 pages.

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The Healthy Snack Planner for Kids Booklet

Create satisfying, nutritious and delicious snacks for kids.

Never be at a loss for healthy snacks again! Learn how to plan nutritious snacks that will keep your child from raiding the pantry or snacking too close to dinner time. Get the nuts and bolts about healthy snacks.

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The Calcium Handbook

Tips, foods and strategies to grow healthy bones in kids.

Learn what calcium does, where to find it, and how to make sure your child is getting enough in his daily diet. Set your child up for an adulthood of strong, resilient bones. This booklet includes 34 pages.

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Fast & Nutritious Breakfasts for Young Athletes Booklet

Breakfast ideas and recipes for young athletes.

Help your athlete kick off the day right with 17 breakfast recipes and over 25 nutritious breakfast ideas. Prepare for the most important meal of the day! This booklet includes 36 pages.

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Fuel Up! Dinner Recipes for Young Athletes Booklet

Fast and healthy dinner ideas to fuel young athletes.

From crockpot recipes to hearty meals, get inspired with 21 new recipes and dinner ideas for young athletes. This booklet includes 54 pages.

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Parenting Food Booklet

What to Feed Kids, How to Do It, and Why It Matters

Feeding kids and raising healthy ones is so much more than serving up healthy meals or nutritious snacks. It’s about parenting food, from the daily foods you offer your child to how you interact and guide her to healthy habits. This booklet includes 24 pages.

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Learning to Eat

A Baby Food Tracker & Journal

Your baby is learning to eat a variety of foods. By age one, the goal is to introduce as many foods and flavors as possible. It’s an amazing journey! Keep track of your baby’s food journey, progress and goals with this 51-page journal.

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The ARFID Guide

How to Get Help when Your Child is Extremely Picky

This guide will give you general parenting advice around setting up a positive food environment for your child and point you in the direction of where to find more help should you want to dive into treatment for extreme picky eating. This booklet includes 30 pages.

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The Eating Disorder Guide

How to Recognize Signs of Eating Disorders and How to Help

The Eating Disorder Guide focuses on children and the typical signs and symptoms of a developing eating disorder. You’ll learn about the different eating disorders in children, what you can do, and where to find more help. This booklet includes 31 pages.

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A Guide to Needs, Considerations, and Protein-Rich Foods for Your Child

Everything you need to know about protein for your child, no matter their age, taking you through the most important aspects of protein for your child at every stage of development. This guide is meant to quell your worries, answer your questions, and offer up protein-rich food ideas. This booklet includes 27 pages.

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