Our Nutrition Workshops

Dig into feeding kids with our online nutrition workshops. We’re adding new topics and learning opportunities all the time!

The Weight is Over Workshop

How to Promote & Protect Your Child’s Health at Any Size

Everything you need to get the BIG PICTURE on nourishing and nurturing a healthy child, at any size. Topics include: when to worry and when to accept your child’s size, why physical AND emotional health both need to be considered, setting the foundation for health and wellbeing. $49
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Eat in Peace Workshop

A Step-by-Step Approach to Happy, Healthy Family-Style Meals

Learn how to start family-style meals, change the family dynamic at the table, and eat in peace. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn the exact principles, practices and steps to family-style meals, differentiating a happy, healthy family gathering from a chaotic, combative, stressful experience. Topic is for all ages. $37
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Nutrition for the Extremely Picky Eater

A Workshop for Parents

In this 4-hour online event, you’ll get a firm handle on what you’re dealing with, understand why your child is so finicky about food, and learn how to ensure your child is getting the nutrition he needs to move forward without making things worse. $197

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