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Eat in Peace [Workshop]

In a rut with dinnertime? You’re not alone! Today’s families struggle with dinner time. From getting food on the table to navigating tantrums, complaints and drama, families are looking for ways to eat in peace.

A family eating together. Eat in Peace workshop

A Nutrition Workshop to End Dinnertime Drama

The Eat in Peace Workshop gives you everything you need to know to change the family dynamic at the table.

Even if you struggle to keep your kids calm and behaved at the table.

Yes, even if you’re not a good cook, or not sure what you want to make for dinner.

And, especially if you’ve lost that feeling of joy when your family gathers around the table.

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Eating in Peace with Family-Style Meals

Learn how to start family-style meals and eat in peace as a family. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to “do” family-style meals, step-by-step.
  • The “3 C’s” that ensure happy meal times and happy memories.
  • The 4 common mistakes that stir up tension at the table.
  • Simple table rules for kids…and for parents.
  • How to talk at meals and what NOT to say.
  • How to handle challenging behavior at the table.

When you sign up for this nutrition workshop, you’ll get access to the 2-hour training, a workbook to guide your learning, and three bonus audio recordings about food parenting around the table.

Eating in peace sets your child up for healthy, self-regulated eating and a positive relationship with food.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be totally ready to start family-style meals with confidence.

You’ll have a game plan for orchestrating mealtimes that max on connection and minimize drama.

You’ll be free from being the food police. And you’ll skirt food fights, complaining and whining because you’ll know what to say…and how to say it.

Best of all, you’ll be committed to turning your family meal table into a positive, nurturing, happy place.

Eat in peace, enjoy your kids, and create a place for happy memories and good health.

Learn the exact principles, practices and steps to starting family-style meals. The strategies that differentiate a happy, healthy family gathering from a chaotic, combative, stressful experience.

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