Are You Setting Up the Healthy Habits Your Child Needs to Thrive?

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We all want to raise healthy and happy kids. And many of us are working hard to get to that goal!

You make sure your child is getting regular physical activity. You shop each week and try to provide a well-balanced diet for your whole family. You understand how important healthy eating habits and a healthier lifestyle are for your family members.

You hear the mantra over and over, “Eat right. Move more!”


Life is full and flies by fast. It’s chaotic and sometimes down-right difficult to stay on track with the good habits you know are important to raising a healthy child.

And starting new habits can feel daunting.

What if you’ve got a child who has a large body…or a small one?

I bet your worries and stress are even higher, especially when it comes to raising a child who is healthy and happy.

The truth is, raising a child today is hard, and made harder by social norms, social media, and all the influencers and armchair experts who suggest you are parenting wrong … especially when your child’s body size doesn’t fit into the social “norm.”

Tired messages like “eat less, move more” aren’t helping either.

If you want to raise a child who is physically healthy and feels good about themselves and the body they are growing up in, you need more than guidance that tells you to stop feeding your kid unhealthy foods or shames you for not getting them to move more.

For every parent who’s worried about their child’s weight or size, an approach to health that focuses on the whole child—not just the growth chart is needed.

From a young age, parents can cultivate healthy habits that encourage good physical health while planting the seeds of emotional wellbeing.

Gradually implementing small changes and a new routine will take root and blossom into positive lifestyle habits – something your child will learn is the norm for them as they grow.

More importantly, parents need to navigate the social pressures to look a certain way, to eat a certain way, and to live life a certain way. Yes, the pressure to fit into the appearance norms our society values is A LOT…and unrealistic for so many of our children.

So how do you handle these pressures and cultivate positive lifestyle habits?

You need to be what I call Size Wise

Regardless of your child’s size – but especially if they are in a large or small body – you need to be savvy to the social biases and pressures your child may face as they grow up, clear on the habits that matter most for physical health and emotional wellbeing, and parent with a plan for the future.

Not sure if you’re cultivating the habits your child will need to grow up healthy and happy?