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The Weight is Over [Workshop]

The Weight Is Over:

How to Promote & Protect Your Child’s Health at Any Size

The Weight is Over Workshop

2-hour recorded workshop with Jill Castle MS, RDN

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The Weight Is Over:
How to Promote & Protect Your Child’s Health at Any Size

In The Weight is Over 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn about your child’s:

Genes and Growth

When to worry and when to accept your child’s size

Physical and Emotional Health

Why both need to be considered

The 8 Pillars of Wellness

What it takes to set the foundation of health and wellbeing

Everything you need to get the BIG PICTURE on nourishing and nurturing a healthy child, at every size.

Even if you struggle with self-doubt and questions about what’s helpful, and what’s not.

Yep, even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and feel stuck with your child’s behaviors, especially around food choices and eating habits.

And, especially if you’re looking to avoid harming your child’s self-esteem and relationship with food. 

Because you deserve support, answers and resources.

And your child deserves to grow up feeling good about themself in the world, no matter his size.

You’ll walk away from this child weight workshop having a better sense of…

Family having dinner together
  • How to let go of unrealistic societal pressures and become empowered to nourish and nurture your child
  • Why a new model that embraces both physical health and emotional needs helps children grow up strong
  • Which pro-lifestyle factors contribute to your child’s health, now and in the future and where you can begin
  • How a “pro-lifestyle” approach helps you lose the focus on weight, numbers, and the scale and focus on behaviors and habits that last a lifetime

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The Weight Is Over:
How to Promote & Protect Your Child’s Health at Every Size

I want you to have what you need to support your child.

After running a pediatric nutrition private practice in which over 50% of my clientele were families with larger children (with and without health concerns), I know there are lots of worries, concerns and fears. Some of these divert your attention from promoting and protecting your child’s healthy mind, body and soul.

I’m not part of the “lose weight by dieting” model. I want to help you take a holistic and helpful “pro-lifestyle” approach to your child’s weight and size, one that will last a lot longer than a few months, and for your whole family.  

I’ve prepared this workshop to broaden your perspective about what goes into raising a nourished child, physically and emotionally. I hope to help you find your footing so you can feel confident and good about supporting your child in ways that help, and don’t harm.

~ Jill Castle, Pediatric Dietitian and Founder of The Nourished Child®

Jill Castle pediatric dietitian and founder of The Nourished Child®