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Body Kindness for Kids with Rebecca Scritchfield

Learn about body kindness and how to raise kids who have body confidence with Rebecca Scritchfield.

Body kindness

A 2016 Journal of Pediatrics study of children between 9 and 14 years found that over 50% of both girls and boys were dissatisfied with their body shape – one of many indicators that point to a growing prevalence of body image consciousness amongst our children. So where does body dissatisfaction stem from and what can we do about it?

Well, my guest today has a lot to share that every parent can benefit from. I have Rebecca Scritchfield on the podcast. As the author of the book Body Kindness, a registered dietitian and wellbeing coach, as well as a mother to two young girls, she has the perfect background to broach this sensitive subject.

We’re discussing exactly what body dissatisfaction is and why a growing number of children are unhappy with their bodies. You’ll also discover the steps you can take when your children are young to encourage body diversity, how to handle bullying related to body shape, and how to approach their own self-perception and body kindness in a healthy way.

“This stuff is really hard because unless we've been raised with the language to resist culture and resist body shame, it's a tough thing to fight, and we fight it on a daily basis. And if you feel a loss at how you're going to protect your kids,… Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Body Kindness for Kids:

  • Why Rebeccas felt inspired to become a wellbeing coach and address this aspect of childhood nutrition.
  • What is classed as body dissatisfaction.
  • How parents can be part of the solution to some of the effects of body image dissatisfaction in children.
  • Rebecca’s struggle with her own perception of her body.
  • The negative messaging that our kids absorb that contribute to body dissatisfaction, sometimes as part of the school system.
  • How you can, as a parent, reframe the perception of body image for your children to encourage body kindness.
  • The emotional labor that comes with being at a higher weight and how we can all contribute to change the culture around body shaming.

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