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Introducing The Nourished Child Podcast

The Nourished Child podcast

Hi there! Welcome to the very first episode of The Nourished Child podcast.
The Nourished Child podcast is a show about childhood nutrition, feeding kids, and dealing with the ups and downs (challenges!) of raising a healthy child in today’s world.
From picky eating to overeating, athletes to couch potatoes, and the developmental changes through the (sometimes long) 18 years of childhood, The Nourished Child is ready to tackle the topics that will help you succeed in raising a healthy child, inside and out.
As your host, I’m one very excited lady to launch this brand new podcast for parents and caretakers of babies, toddlers, children and teens. Every child, no matter the age, needs good food, excellent feeding, and a big dose of loving patience to grow up nourished.
In this inaugural episode, I’m sharing my goals for this podcast: my philosophy about childhood nutrition and what it means to be “nourished,” as well as how I hope to help you along the sometimes bumpy, frustrating journey of raising a nourished child.
Things you will learn:

  • My aspirations for The Nourished Child.
  • Some of the tenets I hold about childhood nutrition, feeding kids and how to grow healthy kids, inside and out.
  • What you can expect from me, and what you will get (and not get) from this show.

I hope you plug in and listen on your travels to and from school, your morning or afternoon workout, or maybe while your packing lunch or cooking dinner. 
And…don’t be shy. Let me know what you want to know–what are your questions about nutrition? What is your challenge? Email me at and ask! Your challenge and my solution might be on the show.
Stay tuned for more episodes of The Nourished Child!
Subscribe to the show and write a review in iTunes–both help this show to grow–which helps more and more families raise a nourished child.

The Nourished Child podcast by Jill Castle, MS, RDN

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