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Toddler Milk with Dr. Jennifer Harris

Toddler Milk with Jennifer Harris, PhD

Learn about toddler milk, how this product line came to be, and how to make the right choice for your child, with my guest Dr. Jennifer Harris of The UCONN Rudd Center.

Toddler Food Innovation

With so much innovation and marketing that exists around how we feed our toddlers, it can be difficult to be clear on what is good for our kids and how we should focus on making sure our toddlers get all the nutrients they need to grow. So, this week, I have the perfect guest to shed some light on this multi-billion-dollar industry for us.

Jennifer Harris quote about toddler milk.

My Guest, Dr. Jennifer Harris

Dr. Jennifer Harris is an expert on food marketing to youth who works with The UCONN Rudd Center. With her research being widely used by the public health community and policymakers to improve the food marketing environment surrounding children and teens, her advice on this subject is going to be incredibly insightful.

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Listen in on our conversation this week for a deeper understanding of a food product that a lot of parents don’t think twice about. We’re sharing how toddler milk came to be, the ways the industry has stayed largely unregulated, and how that has led to so much misinformation and confusion for parents on whether these products are healthy for their kids.

"One of the more disturbing things to me is that the companies have really marketed these as good for children's cognitive development and good for picky eaters. And all of these are unscientifically proven claims." – Dr. Jennifer Harris Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Toddler Milk:

  • The lack of regulation that exists around toddler milk, especially in the US.
  • Why toddler milk really exists.
  • How it is marketed to convince parents that their children need these products.
  • Why there is no good reason to serve them to children.
  • How toddler milk contains added sugar.
  • Where a lot of parents’ confusion comes from around toddler milk.
  • How Dr. Harris believes the toddler food industry should be regulated to provide safeguards and avoid parent confusion.
Jennifer Harris quote about toddler milk.

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