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Boys Have Eating Disorders, Too with Barbara Greenberg

The rise in male eating disorders is a difficult subject for some parents to understand, but I have a special guest this week, Dr. Barbara Greenberg, to try and shed some light on this lesser-discussed side of the eating disorder spectrum. Our boys are undoubtedly more vulnerable than has been widely accepted in the past, so it’s important that we address the issue of male eating disorders.

“It’s absolutely true that eating disorders, while we primarily associate them with females, they’re on the rise not only in females but among boys and among younger children.” Click To Tweet

Dr. Greenberg’s approachable style and genuine interest in the people and their issues make her a sought-after expert and speaker on a range of issues relating to teens and parenting. She specializes in the treatment of adolescents and their well-intentioned parents.

In this interview, we look at what male eating disorders look like in our children who are most at-risk and what parents can do to help when dealing with a child who might be developing an eating disorder. Barbara sheds light on the aspects of modern society that have brought about this spike and how we can ease the pressure on our kids to allow them to be just that – kids.

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What You’ll Learn about Male Eating Disorders:

  • The differences between male eating disorders and female eating disorders.
  • How eating disorders affect and are affected by our kid’s mental health.
  • Why family dynamics can play into body image for young boys.
  • Possible reasons for the rise in young kids with eating disorders.
  • How social media influences our boys.
  • Why muscle-dysmorphia disproportionately affects young boys.
  • The upward trend in kids using supplements to address their body image issues.
  • How to spot male eating disorders and body image issues in boys.

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