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Nourish Your Child Through an Eating Disorder with Wendy Sterling & Casey Crosbie

the nourished child podcast #77

Eating disorders in children are probably one of the scariest things that can develop around food. As a parent, it’s important to learn the signs of an eating disorder so we can catch it early. It can sometimes be hard to detect if our child is eating abnormally, especially if they are older and spend more time and meals away from home.

I’m joined by two fantastic experts in this episode, Wendy Sterling and Casey Crosbie, to talk about eating disorders in children, their family-centered treatment program for EDs, and their Plate-by-Plate approach for nourishing a child through an eating disorder.

“If at any point you have a concern about nutrition or medical stability or behaviors that are going on, the sooner you can get your child to see a professional, the better. And hopefully the parent is wrong, but the sooner the better.” -… Click To Tweet

If your child is eating abnormally, it’s never too early to take them to the pediatrician for a check-up and see if you need more extensive help. The prognosis for children recovering from an ED is good, especially if they have a lot of familial support and a manageable, sustainable approach to healing their relationship with food. Wendy, Casey and I discuss all of this and more – tune in below!

What You’ll Learn about Eating Disorders in Children:

  • Warning signs parents should watch for to detect a child’s eating disorder.
  • When parents should get help if they suspect their child might have an eating disorder.
  • The prevalence of eating disorders in athletes.
  • Which populations are at risk for developing eating disorders.
  • What nutrition and re-feeding during eating disorder treatment looks like.
  • A breakdown of Wendy and Casey’s Plate-by-Plate approach.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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