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10 Things I’ve Learned from Nourishing Four Kids

As a parent, sometimes it’s the stories from fellow parents of their challenges that get you through tough times. This can be especially true with feeding, a common pain point for many parents and their children. That’s why I want to share some words of wisdom about feeding that I’ve learned from raising and feeding my four kids.

In this episode, I share the top ten lessons I’ve learned about feeding from being a mom to four very different kids. I talk about the impact of personality and temperament on your kids’ eating habits, and some of the techniques I used to keep my cool when I was feeding four children.

“No emotions are the best emotional response. Particularly around food and feeding. This is something I've found over the years to be really beneficial.” - Jill Castle Click To Tweet

I also talk about why it’s so important not to get too upset or be too hard on yourself if your feeding doesn’t go exactly right. You can’t control your children and whether they eat; your responsibility is to provide them with abundant, healthy options.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How I got to know each of my children’s unique food personalities, preferences, and temperaments.
  • Why it’s best to adopt one feeding style for all of your kids, even if they have different eating preferences.
  • The importance of being patient with your child’s individual development.
  • Why I prefer the diplomatic, or “love & limits”, feeding style.
  • Why it’s so important to try and keep an even keel when feeding doesn’t go perfectly – no emotional reaction is better than getting upset.
  • The power of abundance as a feeding tool that can calm kids at mealtime.

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