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5 Nutrition Myths for Young Athletes, Demystified

This week, we’re discussing a popular topic at the moment – raising and fueling athletes. The world of youth sports is littered with nutrition myths and inaccuracies when it comes to how we should be feeding our athletic children. I’m setting the record straight on the podcast this week so you can feed your children in a way that helps them perform to the best of their abilities.
Our kids have to go through pretty stringent guidelines, like “making weight” to compete, which causes stress, anxiety and elaborate weight-loss strategies for these young people. Nutrition myths and cherry-picking information can lead to poor performance and serious harm, so questioning some of what you hear in studies, in the media, and from other parents is important.
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Join me on the podcast as we debunk myths about the importance of food quality, carbohydrates, protein and nutritional supplements, some of which could actively harm your child in the long run. Worry no more about some of these common misconceptions and email me if you’ve heard anything else on this subject that’s left you scratching your head!

What You’ll Learn about Nutrition Myths:

  • Why you have to tackle nutrition from day one.
  • What basic misinformation is circulating and causing harm right now.
  • Why research regarding adults does not always apply to children.
  • 5 nutrition myths demystified.
  • Why properly fed kids will enjoy their sport more.

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