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Teen Athlete Nutrition and Performance with Chris Rosenbloom

Teen Athlete Nutrition: Easy Tweaks to Boost Athletic Performance

Teen Athlete Nutrition: Tweaks to Boost Performance

In this episode, Chris Rosenbloom, a sports nutritionist I’ve worked with in the past and continue to admire, joins me to focus on easy nutrition tweaks to boost teen athletic performance. Chris and I both have practical, evidence-based approaches to teen nutrition, especially among teen athletes, so over the course of this episode you’ll be privy to simple, tangible approaches you can take to help your teen think differently about the food they eat. From the importance of protein and meal planning, to the ways parents can empower their teen athlete to take ownership of their own nutrition, you’ll walk away from this episode feeling more knowledgeable about your teen’s overall wellness as an athlete!

We also spend some time at the end of this episode dishing on Chris Rosenbloom’s new book, Food and Fitness After 50, which is a powerful resource for parents, grandparents, or anyone over age 50 looking to retain their health and fitness. 

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What You Will Learn About Teen Athlete Nutrition 

  • How the culture around family meals impacts teen athlete nutrition and performance 
  • The three-legged stool of wholistic teen athlete wellness 
  • How to talk to teen athletes about boosting their performance with proper nutrition 
  • Best practices for addressing whole sports team nutrition with coaches 
  • How to help teen athletes set healthy, realistic nutrition goals 
  • The common mistakes teens and parents make when it comes to athletic nutrition 
  • The impacts of different diets, like keto and plant-based, on teen athletes 
  • The best ways to leverage protein to boost teen athletic performance, and the worst 
  • Why eating breakfast– even a small one– is crucial for teen athletes 

What We Discuss 

  • Successful teen athletes know that food is fuel, so how do we coach teens who haven’t learned this yet?  
  • Eating habits you develop in your teenage years carry into adulthood. 
  • Setting nutrition goals with teens can be powerful, and simple! 
  • Personal stories about what happens when parents give their teen athlete more responsibility over their nutrition. 
  • Chris Rosenbloom’s new book, Food and Fitness After 50 
  • How my e-course, Eat Like A Champion, can help parents and teens learn more about athletic nutrition. It’s open for registration now and you can sign up anytime! 

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