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Sad Perfect with Stephanie Elliot

My guest this week, Stephanie Elliot, is the author of Sad Perfect, a book that tells the story of a 16-year-old girl with ARFID (avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder) and her struggles with disease, love, and recovery. Pea knows there has always been something different about her relationship with food; finding the texture, smells and sights of some foods terrifying.
While the book is classed as fiction, it is built upon the hard truths Stephanie endured helping her own daughter through this illness. Even if your child doesn’t suffer from such a disease, Sad Perfect provides a level of understanding we can all benefit from.
Stephanie has been or still is, all of the following: a book reviewer, an anonymous parenting columnist, a mommy blogger, an editor, a professional napper, a reformed Diet Coke drinker, a gecko breeder and the author of three self-published novels. 
“Stuff just doesn’t taste good to me. I can’t put food into my mouth. It’s just gross. There’s no other way for you to describe it. Food in your mouth is not pleasing. You eat to survive and only to survive barely. - Sad Perfect” Click To Tweet
Tune into this episode to hear about the struggles a whole family faces as they navigate a complicated eating disorder. So many of you out there have to deal with kids with eating disorders – hopefully, by listening to this interview, you can extrapolate some comfort and advice from Stephanie’s insights. It might even encourage you to pursue a diagnosis if you suspect your child might be suffering from this curable disease that often flies under the radar.

What You’ll Learn Sad, Perfect:

  • How ARFID affected Stephanie’s daughter’s eating habits.
  • What effect this disease can have on a child’s body.
  • The struggle of getting a correct diagnosis of ARFID.
  • Stephanie’s advice to healthcare professionals to promote diagnosis of ARFID.
  • How Stephanie’s daughter was eventually diagnosed.
  • The most effective area of treatment for Stephanie’s daughter.

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