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Won’t Eat Breakfast, Food Restriction & Picky Eaters

Won't Eat Breakfast, Food Restriction & Picky Eaters
Skipping Breakfast, Picky Eaters & Food Restriction

I get a lot of questions from readers of my blog and listeners of this podcast, so today I will be taking the opportunity to dish out some answers regarding some very different scenarios.

Though varied, the situations I’m going to cover are not uncommon and are things a lot of parents struggle with, like skipping breakfast!

Using the framework that I use in my own practice and accounting for all aspects of your child’s life, I’m providing you with actionable advice that will holistically benefit your little ones.

I’ve got some tips regarding breakfast for kids, feeding picky eating athletes, and how to identify whether you are being overly restrictive when it comes to sweets and treats.

Remember, kids are born liking sweet flavors, so you don’t have an outlier if your child is attracted to and enjoys them – I’d say you have a pretty normal kid. Click To Tweet

From over-snacking teenagers to toddlers who we sometimes feel like force-feeding, there is something in this episode for everyone. Feeding these guys can be frustrating, but join me this week for tips and instructions that you can employ to help them grow up big and strong while alleviating some of the mental pressure on you as a parent.

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What You’ll Learn about Skipping Breakfast & More:

  • How to handle breakfast for kids.
  • The three things to take into consideration when feeding your children.
  • Why kids need to up-regulate and down-regulate their own eating.
  • Warning signs that your child is not consuming according to their nutritional needs.
  • The most commonly missed nutrients in kid’s diets.
  • Why even athletes can struggle with their weight.
  • How to deal with situations where your children are spoiled by others giving them sweets.
  • Why having a family-wide policy solves problems of food restrictions.

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