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The Mind of a Champion & Coach with Dan Walsh

What do champions eat before they compete? What is their mindset about nutrition? Learn how Dan Walsh, Olympic rower and youth rowing coach approaches nutrition with young athletes.

Think Like a Champion

Let’s get into the mind of a champion. How do champions think? And how can your young athlete think like a champion?
I wanted to pick the brain of someone who’s been an elite athlete and taken it “all the way.”
Dan Walsh is a former US National Rower and an Olympian. I invited Dan to come on the show because I’ve always been impressed with his attention to nutrition. As a coach, Dan hammers home the importance of nutrition for training and competition and sends the message to his rowers that nutrition is vital to success.
Dan embodies the notion of “if you work hard, your dreams can come true.” In this episode, Dan shares his story with us, as well as his perspective on nutrition as a key element to athletic performance.
Think like a champion with Dan Walsh
Train your palate like you train your body. ~Dan Walsh Click To Tweet

What You Will Learn about the Mind of a Champion:

  • What it takes to get to an elite status
  • The role of nutrition in young athletes
  • How nutrition can make a difference for all young athletes
  • The ideal “evening-before” pre-competition meal (and how an athlete should feel)
  • What to eat the morning of a competition
  • Typical young athlete mistakes around nutrition
  • Why over-doing protein isn’t the best approach for athletes
  • Why young athletes should be careful with supplements (and what to be wary of)
  • The myths around carb-loading
  • Getting the right hydration (without over- or under-hydrating)
  • Why food is better for athletes

What We Discuss:

  • How Dan’s childhood eating experiences influenced his approach to nutrition
  • Eating as a competitive athlete and the long-term struggles with eating
  • How Dan got into rowing (from wrestling)
  • How nutrition played a role for Dan in his training and path to elite status
  • What Dan wants young rowers and athletes to know about nutrition
  • Dan’s advice for parents of young athletes, especially rowers
  • The mind over matter mentality, and why it matters

Think like a champion with Dan Walsh
Rowing is not an instant gratification sport. ~Dan Walsh Click To Tweet

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