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Brain Development in Early Childhood with Bob Murray

A person’s brain grows fastest during the first three years of life. The brain doubles in size in the first 12 months, and has tripled in size within the first 36 months. Of course, nutrition plays a crucial role in brain development and how it plays out, alongside the amount of engagement the baby has with its parents.

Today I’m joined by Dr. Bob Murray, a pediatrician who specializes in gastrointestinal diseases and nutrition. He has a wealth of knowledge about the nutrients babies need to develop both before and after birth.

“Really consciously build your child's strong dietary pattern over the period between 6 and 24 months, so that by the time they're two, they'll have a wide variety of food preferences and it'll be easier to feed that child over time.” - Dr.… Click To Tweet

Dr. Murray and I talk about how a baby’s brain develops in their first months of life, why parents often focus on individual nutrients rather than the whole nutrition package, and what you should keep in mind when creating your baby’s meals. We also discuss feeding approaches and societal feeding trends we think parents should be wary of.

What You’ll Learn About Brain Development:

  • The role of nutrition in a baby’s brain development.
  • Why a rich environment where adults talk to babies constantly is great for their rapidly growing brains.
  • Some of the nutrients you should keep in mind when deciding what and how to feed your baby, and how to include these in a well-rounded, diverse diet.
  • Societal trends about feeding, nutrition, and food restriction that nutritionists find concerning.
  • Why parents who are feeding their child a diet of nutrient-dense foods shouldn’t worry overmuch if they also like sweets from time to time.
  • Benefits of baby-led weaning and spoon feeding.
  • What parents of picky eaters should keep in mind when trying to ensure their child is eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

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