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The Best of Brain Development

Jill Castle reviews the latest science on child brain development, including new and emerging nutrients, like polar lipids.

The human brain is an incredible thing. It can adapt and change in response to the environment, and this is especially true during childhood. Research shows that the first 1000 days of life are critical in brain development. It’s the time when the brain is growing and making connections at a rapid pace.

Children must have a stimulating environment during this time to promote healthy brain development. Several things can impact children’s brain development, including nutrition, sleep, and exposure to stimulating activities.

In this third episode of The Best of Summer, I discuss the importance of brain development in children and the latest scientific updates on nutrition. I also recap past episodes related to brain development and talk about what we can do to ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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What You’ll Learn About The Best of Brain Development

  • The critical role of nutrition in supporting healthy brain development in children
  • Paying attention to the fat in your child’s overall diet
  • The crucial role of iron, zinc, iodine, and other nutrients in your child’s brain development
  • Establishing a solid foundation for physical and emotional growth in the first five years
  • Why children need a well-rounded diet to grow and develop
  • Feeding approaches and societal feeding trends

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