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The Toddler Brain with Dr. Laura Jana

Toddler brain development

It can be very confusing to decipher what’s good and what’s bad for your child’s development in the context of a rapidly changing world. Ever-advancing technologies can add to this confusion as we try to factor them into fostering the best environment for toddler brain development.

As parents, it would be really helpful to understand more about what’s going on in our kids’ brains and whether or not the environment we’ve created is setting our little ones up for success.

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Known for her expertise on the topic of childhood development, today’s guest, Dr. Laura Jana, is a pediatrician, mother, and author of The Toddler Brain.

Dr. Jana’s book is about brain development in the first five years and how you can establish a strong foundation for physical and emotional growth for your child. She gives some great advice on how to stay in the know on early childhood development and how to encourage good habits for the long term.

Tune in to our amazing conversation about toddler brain development, the importance of connection, and how we can bring food to the table that will create good early development habits while still being delicious. Dr. Jana also shares some great insight into the advances in research that you can use to help your child grow up to be healthy, happy, and successful!

“I know that there are few parents who can read a book while they have young children. So how do I distill what is happening and try to package it so they don’t miss this important window of opportunity?” -Dr. Laura Jana Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Toddler Brain Development:

  • The biological background on toddler brain development and how you can foster healthy growth throughout the first five years.
  • How you can build a strong developmental foundation.
  • What foods you can rely on to be nutritious for your children and how you can encourage healthy independent eating.
  • How you can close the nutritional need gaps for your kids with easy and practical foods without a food fight.
  • Why raising a child in the 21st century is so different.
  • What “soft skills” are, why they are highly sought out, and what roots they have in early childhood development.

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