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What Causes Constipation? (+ Relief Tips)

Constipation can be a really difficult issue for a parent and child to know how to handle. Many kids struggle with constipation occasionally or even frequently for a variety of different reasons.

As a parent, you can learn to recognize the signs of constipation and work with your child’s pediatrician to find a solution.

When treating constipation, the goal is to help your child return to their normal digestive patterns and bathroom routines.

You should always get help from a doctor when treating your child’s constipation, whether it’s your pediatrician, dietitian, or GI specialist.

“There are four main reasons constipation happens in kids: diet, illness, withholding stool, and changes in their routine, environment, or stress. In older kids, diet is often the culprit of constipation.” Click To Tweet

In this episode I’m talking about the causes of constipation in children, what you can do about it, and what constitutes a normal bowel movement. I also discuss signs of constipation to watch for and why diet is often the most important factor in causing constipation.

And to wrap up, I’ll offer you some of my favorite natural dietary remedies for constipation that will increase the amount of fiber and other important nutrients your child gets that will aid healthy digestion.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Some of the signs of constipation you should watch for in your child.
  • Why constipation is fairly common as infants transition from breastmilk/formula to solid foods.
  • Why you should always get help from a professional when dealing with a child’s constipation.
  • What constitutes a normal bowel movement.
  • Why children become constipated.
  • How changing their diet to include more fiber, fruits, and vegetables can help reduce your child’s constipation and pass stools more easily.
  • Why adding more fiber is usually a good treatment for childhood constipation, but may not be beneficial in some cases.
  • Some of my favorite dietary treatments for constipation.

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