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Wellness for Kids vs. Weight with Lori Fishman

Dr. Lori Fishman joins me to talk about wellness for kids and the psychological aspects of overweight children. She shares the mental health risks and the different factors associated with this problem.

Dr. Fishman delves into how eating and exercise habits affect children’s mood, learning, and behavior. According to her, this is something that parents should address with  their children to help them in  making healthy decisions. 

She also explains the similarity between addressing underweight and excess body fat  challenges  in children. Furthermore, she shares how parents can solve these through a pro-lifestyle approach.

Dr. Fishman talks about how weight stigma affects how they face the issue. She links this to how society blames parents for their children’s problems. She also talks about the importance of parents’ role modeling wellness lifestyle for their child to emulate. 

In addition, Dr. Fishman shares the role of social media in propagating the dieting  culture and how it pressures  parents with overweight children. She also explains how today’s advancements in technology make children more prone to reading or watching toxic diet tips from influencers and advertisements.

She emphasizes the difference between losing weight and slowing down in gaining weight. She shares her viewpoint on why parents should focus on the child’s perspective of fitness, strength, energy, and behavior.

She offers ways parents can overcome these biases and avoid putting pressure on their children.

What You’ll Learn About Wellness vs. Weight:

  • How Dr. Lori Fishman got into child psychology and working with overweight children
  • Factors and risks associated with children having extra body weight
  • How parents can help their children in making healthy decisions without shaming them
  • The importance of role modeling and creating a whole family change
  • The components of the pro-lifestyle approach
  • The role of society and social media in defining weight stigma and its effects
  • Focusing more on bodily functions and habits than weight
  • The conversation about acceptance and how it is related to parents’ own perception 
  • How intuitive eating may be  hard for children to understand fully
  • Signs of psychological effects that parents should look out for in their children

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Wellness vs. Weight with Dr. Lori Fishman

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