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Weight Loss Camps for Kids? with Lauren Pincus Harris

Lauren Harris-Pincus is on the show, talking about her experiences as a heavy child who went to weight loss camps for kids.

Lauren is a nutrition communication specialist, speaker-spokesperson, author, and registered dietitian in private practice specializing in weight management and pre-diabetes.

She recounts her experiences at weight loss camps when she was a child, including the positives and negatives that came with it.

Furthermore, she states that obesity should be treated as a disease instead of a failure in food selection, exercise, or lifestyle on the part of a child. She explains the significant heritability factor in obesity, up to 70%. She reiterates the importance of addressing obesity in children not in a one-size-fits-all approach but through the individuality of every child.

She also tells of her experiences undergoing the diet of her life, where she lost 50 pounds and kept it off for over 30 years – adding that maintaining weight is more challenging than losing it. 

She emphasizes the importance of overall health and individuality over food and weight. She reinforces the need to see and treat the child the same as any other family member to create successful and sustainable lifestyle changes.

And lastly, she shares the challenges that the healthcare system faces in addressing problematic body fat.

Lauren Harris Pincus on The Nourished Child podcast

What You’ll Learn About Weight Loss Camps for Kids:

  • How Lauren got into her work as a registered dietitian and her other interests
  • Lauren’s childhood experiences with her weight and attending summer weight loss camps
  • Why children’s weights tend to rebound in the home environment
  • Disordered  eating, obsession, and food-seeking behaviors as possible outcomes of food restrictions
  • Addressing individuality in combating the disease of obesity
  • Treating your child the same way as any other family member
  • What healthcare is getting wrong when it comes to childhood obesity
  • How society doesn’t value nutritious food the way it should

Listen to the Show:

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Weight Loss Camps for Kids? with Lauren Harris-Pincus

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