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Teenage Bariatric Surgery with Faith Newsome

Child teen age obesity affects about five million kids in the U,S. Obesity puts these kids at high risk for developing chronic and progressive diseases that can affect all areas of their physical and mental health.

Moderate success has been achieved through lifestyle modification and treatment in those with less severe forms of obesity, but significant and durable weight loss for those impacted with severe obesity remains elusive. 

Teen Age Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

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However, there is a surgical option that can result in marked weight loss, and with few complications.

My guest today, Faith Newsome, is here to talk about her story of teen age obesity and bariatric surgery.

Faith underwent bariatric surgery at the age of 16, and now dedicates her time to helping teens who struggle with their weight through her organization, OCEANS Lifestyles.

Listen in on my conversation with Faith to get firsthand insight into what it’s like living with severe obesity, the difficulties she experienced, and how she found an effective solution in bariatric surgery.

"I was doing what other people had told me worked. The problem was, I wasn't recognizing my obesity as something that was medical. I was really looking at it as a flaw of not having self-control." – @faithhh_anne Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Teen Age Obesity:

  • How obesity shaped Faith’s experience of school and childhood.
  • The way that Faith’s parents broached the prospect of her undergoing bariatric surgery.
  • How bariatric surgery changed the outlook for Faith’s health.
  • Faith’s experience of dieting to treat her obesity.
  • What to consider before committing to bariatric surgery.
  • How Faith prepared for bariatric surgery, what recovery involved, and how she had to adjust her lifestyle afterward.
  • The 3 positive changes that resulted from bariatric surgery.

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