How to Raise a Good Eater

Learn how to raise a good eater using a modernized approach to childhood nutrition. One that includes good nutrition, positive feeding techniques and an eye on your child’s personality and developmental stage.

In this article, you’ll understand:

  • The big picture of childhood nutrition
  • Three main components that need attention if you’re going to raise a good eater
  • Why you need an overall strategy, not just a handful of tactics

Read on and learn what it takes to raise a good eater and set your child up for an adulthood of health and wellness!

photo of a woman feeding her baby while a man holds the baby

All Parents Want to Raise Good Eaters

Raising healthy eaters is not easy in today’s world of fast food, quick packaged snacks, and dash dining.

Yet, nearly all parents strive to achieve this goal.

It’s understandable to want a healthy eater. After all, what kids eat growing up is linked to their health as an adult. For instance, we know the seeds of cardiovascular disease are planted in childhood.

Also, we also know that carrying extra weight in childhood increases the risk of adult health problems, like Type 2 Diabetes. Yet, according to the CDC, 18.5% of children and teens are carrying unhealthy, extra weight, and this statistic is increasing.

It’s becoming more and more important to get a handle on how to raise a good eater because there’s a lot at stake.

Health is Wealth

The “your health is your wealth” statement gets tossed around quite a bit in the wellness industry.

But it’s true.

If you’re sick, you can’t go to school, you can’t work, and you can’t participate in your life at full capacity.

This is true for adults and children.

Which is why it’s important to actively cultivate health in kids. As a parent, you’re actively promoting health through the foods you offer, the eating habits you cultivate, and the lifestyle you emulate.

Helping your child develop healthy eating habits is a shield against adult illness. It’s a protective mechanism – a proactive step — to ensuring your child has a healthy future.

So, let’s get down to the nutrition and feeding part of raising good eaters.

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