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Making Sense of Sensory Issues with Alisha Grogan

sensory issues

The reasons why our children reject certain types of food is endless––and often related to sensory issues. They don’t like the texture, it smells weird, they don’t want to eat greens––and it can be extremely frustrating as a parent to understand their reasoning.

Seeing your child across the table refusing to eat the food you give them can be stressful as a parent and make you wonder what you’re doing wrong.

On this week’s podcast, I have occupational therapist Alisha Grogan of Your Kids Table to talk about sensory processing issues with special focus on how it impacts childhood eating. We discuss how you can identify and work with your child’s sensory issues so you can encourage healthier and more consistent eating.

Join us as we learn more about an under-discussed yet important part of parenting and how we can help our children develop better sensory connections to food.

" Our brain is constantly taking in different types of sensations, sorting through them and deciding which ones we should pay attention to… and sometimes that process is not running very smoothly and that’s where we see different types of sensory… Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn

  • The basics of what sensory processing is and how it impacts your child’s eating habits.
  • What the telltale signs are that your child has sensory issues.
  • The impact of exposure to teething and other stimulation has on picky eating habits later in life.
  • Why you should allow your baby to be a messy eater.
  • Why it seems like there are more children with sensory issues today than there used to be.
  • How to work with your child to overcome problems with sensory food rejection.
  • Resources and strategies for you to use at home with your child’s eating habits.

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