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ARFID Guide: Help for Extremely Picky Kids


The ARFID Guide offers parents of extremely picky eaters feeding advice for setting up a positive food environment. Understand why a child may have food aversion, be extremely picky, who can help treat your child, and where to find treatment.

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The ARFID Guide

How to Get Help When Your Child is Extremely Picky

ARFID, or Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, is increasing in children. It’s commonly recognized as extreme picky eating.
The ARFID Guide gives parents of extremely picky eaters a sense of what they can do at home, and more importantly, helps them recognize when their child needs more professional help, and  where to find it.
The ARFID Guide offers parenting and feeding advice around setting up a positive food environment for your child with food aversion, helps you understand why your child may be extremely picky, and shares which professionals can help, pointing you in the direction of where to find more professional help should you want to dive into ARFID treatment. Written by Jill Castle, this booklet includes 30 pages.