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Healthy Meals on a Budget with Lisa Leake

healthy meals on a budget

Preparing healthy meals on a budget feels out of reach for a lot of families, which leads to consuming more processed food because it is easy to cook and it is cheaper. Unfortunately, processed food can negatively impact your familyā€™s health and can contribute to food ruts and picky eating.

On todayā€™s show, we are talking with Lisa Leake, a mother, blogger, and author who has a new cookbook about eating healthier on a budget. She has been feeding her family on a more health-conscious and budget-friendly diet and it has made a massive difference for their lives. She is on the podcast to share some of her strategies for motivating your family to eat less processed foods while not breaking the bank.

Listen in to our conversation and think about what changes you can make in your cooking habits to eat healthier and help your children grow to actually enjoy eating nutritious foods!

ā€œI know itā€™s hard when you have really picky kids and you want to try new things. It feels like such a huge effort and it isā€¦ It is really important for kids to try new things all the time.ā€ -Lisa Leake Click To Tweet

What Youā€™ll Learn About Healthy Meals on a Budget

  • How to set rules for your diet change and how to stick to them while encouraging healthy habits for your children.
  • The difference changing your food can make for the health of your family.
  • Ways to give your children the ability to choose what to eat responsibly.
  • How to be creative with making a limited budget go further while still eating healthy.
  • Strategies for making healthy food appealing to your children.
  • Easy suggestions for changing up recipes in your everyday life.

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