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How to Help Extreme Picky Eaters with Melanie Potock

Extreme Picky Eaters with Feeding Therapist, Melanie Potock

Extreme Picky Eaters

Many children struggle with picky eating at one point or another, but now current research trends show us that for some little ones, who may be extreme picky eaters, it is not just a phase, but a recognized disorder.
Extreme picky eating is often rooted in anxiety, and it is a disorder that can weigh on not just the parents and caregivers, but the whole family. Today, I want to bring you even more information and support for families with extreme picky eaters.   
As we dive back into our discussion of picky eating, it is important to note that all of the transformation we celebrate is a slow growth. So many healthcare professionals are out there to support parents just like you who might be struggling. My guest today is one of the very best.  
Melanie Potock is a Speech Language Pathologist and a feeding expert. She is a champion of early intervention, the author of many books, and a supporter of parents who are dealing with extreme picky eaters.
Melanie and I had the chance to speak together about Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) about a year ago, and since then the research just grows in support of treating extreme picky eating like the disorder it is. Today’s conversation is encouraging and filled with information that you can use to support your child. Help and change is just around the corner!  

What You Will Learn About Extreme Picky Eaters 

  • The 3 important factors of feeding therapy. 
  • What ARFID is and what its implications are for our clients.  
  • The unique pathway that picky eaters tend to take during treatment. 
  • What parents can expect during the recovery process.  

What We Discuss 

  • The unique relationship between caregivers and eaters during feeding.  
  • How Melanie became an expert in the feeding arena.  
  • The underlying anxieties with trying new foods.  
  • The most challenging issues facing picky eaters.  
  • The challenges for therapists supporting families.  
  • Things that delay progress for picky eaters.  

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