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The Body Image Book for Girls with Charlotte Markey

Psychology Professor Charlotte Markey teaches us about girls’ body image in this episode. She’s teaching us how we can support our teen and tween girls before body dissatisfaction sets in.

The Body Image Book for Girls

We all have our moments. When I was in seventh grade I had glasses, buck teeth, braces, and I was terribly thin.

My girls in seventh grade also wore glasses, were awkward, and knobby-kneed. For us, seventh grade was not a great year, and it was a time of life that was particularly sensitive for self-esteem and body image development.

Charlotte Markey is a professor of Psychology and the founding director of the Health Sciences Center at Rutgers University in Camden.

She’s published nearly 100 book chapters, journal articles, and peer-reviewed journals and is the author of The Body Image Book for Girls: Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless.

Charlotte joins me today to talk all things body image and explain why so many girls struggle with this as they grow up.

“A survey in spring found that 40% of young adults would rather get COVID-19 than gain 25lb while sheltering in place. This really captures what a problematic mindset so many young people develop when it comes to their bodies and weight.” ~… Click To Tweet

Join us on the podcast this week as we discuss why girls as young as five are contending with self-image and body issues and how we can lead by example to minimize the issues our daughters face in this area.

We’re talking about the message we should be giving to young girls about their self-image, and learning how to teach them to become empowered to take care of their bodies and minds.

Quote from Dr. Charlotte Markey, author of The Body Image Book for Girls

Our girls are watching and learning from us. They learn how to regard their own bodies based on how we treat our bodies and talk about ourselves.

We must commit to teaching our kids acceptable behaviors and showing them that there is so much more to them than how they look.

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What You’ll Learn about Girls and Body Image:

  • What body image is and why so many girls struggle with it.
  • How boys might struggle with body image and what signs to look out for.
  • When body image issues usually become a problem for girls.
  • How thinking about the body’s functionality helps promote positive body image.
  • The connection between body image and mental health issues.
  • Some ways to be open with your daughter(s) about body satisfaction.
  • Why the COVID-19 pandemic has increased body image issues.
  • How to empower girls to have a positive body image.

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