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Eating & Early Childhood Nutrition with Keli Hawthorne

Neo-natal and pediatric dietician Keli Hawthorne joins me on the show this week to talk about early childhood nutrition and the importance of a nutrient-rich diet and establishing healthy eating patterns for infants early on.

The Latest in Eating & Early Childhood Nutrition

The evidence is clear – what our babies eat in the early years matters. From setting the healthy blueprint of the brain, body, and bones, to eventually eating and liking nutritious foods, what our babies eat in early childhood is critically important.

Keli Hawthorne is a Registered Dietitian and Director of Clinical Research in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School. Her research focuses on neonatal and pediatric nutrition and she joins me today to talk about why nutrition matters so much for babies.

"1 in 5 kids aged 6-12 months old don’t get enough iron. We can do a much better job at making sure every kid has enough iron." ~ @KeliHawthorne Click To Tweet

Join us on the podcast this week where we discuss the Eating in the Early Years Conference we attended recently and share what we learned about the relationship between nutrition and the early years of childhood development. We discuss the essential nutrients babies need to grow and become strong and why beef is such a fantastic food to introduce to babies in the early years.

As a pediatric dietitian, I know how important nutrients like iron and zinc are to the brain and overall early development of a child. We must make sure parents are being educated on appropriate nutrition to help them support their babies.

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What You’ll Learn about Early Childhood Nutrition:

  • Why beef is such a vital food for infants in their first two years.
  • How to decrease potential allergies in children.
  • Why proteins from animal sources provide a lot of critical nutrients.
  • The importance of wide dietary patterns in the early years.
  • Why meat hits a lot of the highlights babies need in one ounce.
  • What baby-led weaning is and how to use it to baby’s benefit.
  • How to close the nutrient gap experienced by some babies.
  • The importance of self-feeding for babies.

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