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10 Tips for Your Best Food Parenting Year Ever

My goal with this show is to share nutrition information as it relates to children, but I also want to help you all have more success at mealtimes and raise children who grow up to be healthy eaters for life. So this episode will be packed with advice about how to to help your kids develop a healthy relationship with food that will stick with them as they grow.

I’m thrilled to bring you the 100th episode of the podcast, and especially excited that it’s at the turn of the year. With that in mind, I’m bringing you 10 tips to make 2020 the best food parenting year yet. 

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Join me on the podcast this week and discover how to instill healthy habits in your family from a young age by becoming a good food parent. I’m sharing 10 tips that cover every aspect of food parenting, how to encourage our kids, what parenting methods to avoid, and how to display the behavior you want to see from your children at mealtimes.

"All of us out there, myself included, want to raise children who are healthy eaters and live in a healthy body, but are we executing that with lectures and lots of rules around food, or are we role modeling that as an example for our children?" Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn:

  • What food parenting is.
  • Why honing your food parenting skill gives you the best chance of raising a healthy family.
  • How food parenting helps you assist your child in developing a healthy relationship with food.
  • Why our behavior as parents shapes our children’s food habits from a young age.
  • 10 food parenting tips that will bring ease and confidence at mealtimes.

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