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9 Sports Nutrition Myths about Food, Eating & Kids with Chrissy Carroll

sports nutrition myths with Chrissy Carroll

This episode was created in partnership with the dairy farm families of New England. I was compensated for this episode and, as always, all opinions are my own.

With 45 million kids participating in organized sports, there’s bound to be some sports nutrition myths and misinformation floating around about how athletes should fuel themselves and the recovery process.

Especially when it comes to what athletic kids eat, we hear soundbites ranging from carbs being bad, to protein supplements being a necessity for building muscle. It can be difficult to know what information is reliable, but we’ve got you covered in this episode.

Joining me today is Chrissy Carroll, a registered dietitian, blogger, personal trainer, and the author of Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes. Chrissy has some interesting insights into the information that we, as parents, are told about nourishing our athletic children.

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Join us for an informative discussion about the role nutrients play in athletic training, as well as our debunking of some sports nutrition myths and information around how we should be feeding our child athletes for optimum health and performance. I hope this episode sheds some light on a topic that can be incredibly daunting for parents.

"I love cookies, and that's okay that I want to eat them sometimes as part of an overall healthy diet. Trying to avoid very extreme black and white statements about nutrition is important for a lifelong healthy relationship with food." – Chrissy… Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Chrissy first got into racing triathlons and why she has loved them ever since.
  • How Chrissy recommends training for endurance exercise.
  • The role that nutrition plays in athletic performance and training for a big event.
  • Why nutrition is so important, even during a non-training phase.
  • The different nutritional needs of child athletes who train at different frequencies.
  • How to spot when your child athlete is not getting the nourishment their body requires.
  • 9 common sports nutrition myths about feeding athletes debunked.

Listen to the Show:

Featured on this Episode:

9 Myths We Cover:

1) “Fueling before/after is the most important thing for youth athletes.”

2) “You need to go _____ (insert extreme ie. keto, plant-based, etc) for best performance.”

3) “Controlling weight is key for performance.”

4) “Sugar is bad for athletes.”

5) “You need protein powder to gain muscle.”

6) “Athletes can eat anything because they’ll burn it off.”

7.) “Carbs are bad.”

8.) “Young athletes should avoid sports drinks.”

9.) “Athletic kids have better self-esteem and are less likely to deal with body image issues or eating disorders.”

For information about the dairy farm families of New England, school nutrition, and health and wellness topics, please visit New England Dairy & Food Council and Must Be the Milk.

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