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It’s a Wrap (+ Some Updates)

Jill Castle recaps Season 7 of The Nourished Child podcast and shares some announcements for parents and professionals.

Welcome to the Season 7 wrap-up of The Nourished Child podcast! Join me as we reflect on the season highlights and revisit some interesting interviews.

This season, I explored a wide range of topics with a particular focus on parenting and the impact of nutrition on children’s lives. Additionally, I tackled some important solo topics, including supporting healthier body image and addressing shame in healthcare. You will want to listen to, or watch, these episodes!

Here are some updates for you. My upcoming book, Size Wise, is making progress. I recently submitted the manuscript; revisions and edits are expected this summer. Size Wise focuses on building healthy habits and nurturing emotional well-being in children aged 3 to 13, at every size.

Furthermore, I’m sharing many exciting opportunities for dietitians, nutrition professionals, and parents. Stay updated on these opportunities by listening to this episode, joining my email list, and tuning in to my Monday newsletter, The Munch, for more details.

Thank you for joining me this season, and remember to send in your questions via email or SpeakPipe — I’m here to provide answers and support. Enjoy your summer. You’ll keep hearing from me and I look forward to interviewing more experts who have valuable insights and research-backed advice this Fall.

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What You’ll Learn About It’s a Wrap (+ some updates)

  • The standout interviews and topics from this season, such as ADHD and eating habits, self-compassion, appetite traits, exercise for kids, weight stigma in youth, body image, and more.
  • My progress with my book focusing on building healthy habits for children while promoting emotional well-being at every size.
  • Half-day coaching sessions and a mastermind cohort for nutrition professionals starting in the fall.
  • I’m opening a limited-capacity practice for families seeking transformational change and personalized guidance for their nutrition goals.
  • What’s in store for this podcast during the summer?

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It’s a Wrap (+ Some Updates)

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