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Nourish the Person, Not the Shame with JC Lippold

JC Lippold discusses the cycle of shame in nutrition, fitness, and parenting and offers tips for minimizing shame.

In this episode, Jill speaks with JC Lippold, a nationally renowned teacher of movement and mindset, community engager, and social movement trailblazer about the cycle of shame. As a full-time leadership and change management coach and consultant, JC brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

JC discusses how specific individuals in our society may be at higher risk for developing shame and how the nutrition, food, and fitness industry feeds into that. In addition, JC shares that the marketing in these industries is grounded in shame, making people feel they are not enough and invest in the things being sold to improve them.

He emphasizes the need to acknowledge people’s shame as something they carry rather than by which they are defined and proposes a new way of thinking about wellness: nourishing the person, not the shame.

“The path to healthiness is happiness.”- JC Lippold Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn About Nourish the Person, Not the Shame with JC Lippold

  • The importance of creating a haven at home in today’s world
  • Understanding the difference between guilt and shame and how they relate to parenting
  • Learning from parenting mistakes by building a positive and supportive approach that overcomes feelings of shame and isolation
  • Factors that impact healthy eating habits beyond the traditional “balanced plate” approach
  • Balancing nutritional benefits with taste, cost, and convenience in food choices
  • Bridging the gap between idealized nutrition standards and practical realities for clients
  • Examining social media’s impact on body image and wellness
  • The need for personal agency and discernment in navigating the influence of fitness and nutrition messaging
  • Navigating conversations with children around food 
  • Strategies for cultivating intuition in both children and adults, including techniques for listening to one’s inner voice and fostering sensitivity in kids

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Nourish the Person, Not the Shame with JC Lippold

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