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Weight Stigma in Youth with Rebecca Puhl

We talk about weight stigma in kids with Rebecca Puhl, professor and researcher at the University of Connecticut and Deputy Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Health.

Dr. Rebecca Puhl is the nation’s leading expert and researcher on weight stigma and discrimination. She joins us on this episode to discuss the impact of weight stigma on youth and strategies for addressing and reducing it.

Weight stigma is a widespread problem that affects people of all ages. However, it can have particularly adverse effects on young people who are still developing their identities and coping with the challenges of growing up. These include poorer physical and emotional health, social isolation, and lower self-esteem.

As someone who has dedicated her career to understanding the causes and consequences of weight stigma and discrimination and developing policy interventions to address these problems, Dr. Puhl highlights the importance of correctly addressing the issue. Join us as we delve into the critical topic of body acceptance and learn ways to promote inclusivity within society.

What You’ll Learn About Weight Stigma in Youth with Rebecca Puhl

  • Weight stigma as one of the most prevalent forms of bullying in children
  • How weight stigma is damaging in terms of emotional well-being and physical health
  • Engaging in healthy behaviors as a family and shifting the conversation away from physical appearances and weight
  • How healthcare providers can comfortably approach the weight conversations with their patients
  • Letting adolescents take the lead on discussions based on their comfort level
  • Moving towards a more holistic understanding and approach to the health of children
  • Positive and negative aspects of social media in terms of weight stigma and body acceptance
  • The need for more robust anti-bullying policies at all levels and sectors

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Weight Stigma in Youth with Rebecca Puhl

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