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Reframe Your Mindset: 5 Shifts for 2023

Jill Castle talks about 5 ways to reframe your mindset in 2023 as you parent and feed your family.

Welcoming 2023 is a great time to reframe your mindset and reflect on the changes you want to make. For many of us, that involves improvements related to health and wellness. If you’re a parent, it’s a good time to consider a reframe to your mindset regarding nutrition and feeding your child.

As we all know, good nutrition is essential for your child’s growth and development. It’s also vital for your peace of mind as a parent. When you know your child is eating nutritious food, you can feel confident and secure in your parenting.

In this episode, I share five mindset shifts to highlight food and the relationship you’re building with your child as a parent and primary provider for your family’s nutrition. These mindset shifts will help you start the new year with a fresh perspective.

Check out my resource Teach Kids to Recognize True Hunger, At Any Age. This guide shows how to support babies, toddlers, kids, and teens in developing healthy relationships with food.

What You’ll Learn: Reframe Your Mindset with 5 Shifts for 2023

  • Incorporate nutritious foods instead of removing indulgent or bad foods
  • Emphasize inclusion for everyone, rather than exclusion based on body size or appearance
  • Focus on reinforcing and building your child’s strengths rather than fixating on their weaknesses
  • Introduce new flavors and encourage a fun approach to eating instead of eliminating disliked foods
  • Prioritize the process of feeding and nutrition for your child over specific end-goals you have for them

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Reframe Your Mindset: 5 Shifts for 2023

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