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My Kids Want to Spend Money on Food

Listener question: How do I handle it when my child wants to spend money on food? Jill Castle answers and offers resources for parents and their kids.

In this episode, I’ll be tackling a listener’s query about children and spending money on food. How can parents handle situations where their kids buy snacks or drinks with their pocket money while out?

It’s important to understand whether our kids’ desire to purchase food stems from a craving or a need for financial independence. Spending money on food is not solely about satisfying hunger, but also about managing one’s resources.

And this requires executive functioning skills. To cultivate them, teach kids how to prioritize their resources, defer immediate gratification, and create a wishlist of items they wish to save up for. Money spending and saving guidelines also help, such as setting aside a certain percentage of their money each week for food purchases.

What You’ll Learn About Kids Wanting to Spend Money on Food

  • Ways to teach kids about money management and delayed gratification
  • How to handle children wanting to spend their own money on junk food
  • Setting spending and saving guidelines for children
  • Helping children focus on their priorities and create a wishlist
  • Parenting tips for raising children who can manage their own money with suggested language for tricky situations

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My Kids Want to Spend Money on Food

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