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What My Relationship with Sweets Can Teach You

I’ve got a history with candy and it’s shaped my relationship with sweets. I’ve come a long way and learned to understand my responsiveness to treats, and I’ve accepted that it’s OK to love candy!

It’s just me in this week’s episode and I’m teaching you how to normalize and neutralize desserts for you and your family.

In the aftermath of Halloween each year, the conversation is always about how to ‘manage’ sweets, and what we should do when our kids want so many treats.

There’s a lot of research nowadays about being too controlling or restrictive with sweets and what you can do instead.

What My Relationship with Sweets Can Teach You

I’ve been thinking recently about what I did when my kids were younger in terms of candy and sweets. I didn’t manage Halloween candy the same way throughout their entire childhood, it changed depending on their age, maturity levels, and my goals in terms of helping them navigate sweets.

Join me this week as I discuss my own experience with candy growing up and how this impacted the decisions I made as a parent to my own children. I’m sharing why we should stop using sweets as rewards to increase certain behaviors, and some ways you can normalize sweets in your kids’ diets.

The ultimate goal is developing and helping your child develop a healthy relationship with sweets, treats, desserts, and other sugary foods. Learn how in this episode.

“Restriction and scarcity is not a long-term solution, particularly if you’re wanting to help your child develop a healthy relationship with [sweets].” Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn about My Relationship with Sweets:

  • What body image is and why so many girls struggle with it.
  • How boys might struggle with body image and what signs to look out for.
  • When body image issues usually become a problem for girls.
  • How thinking about the body’s functionality helps promote positive body image.
  • The connection between body image and mental health issues.
  • Some ways to be open with your daughter(s) about body satisfaction.
  • Why the COVID-19 pandemic has increased body image issues.
  • How to empower girls to have a positive body image.

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