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Tips for ADHD, Eating Habits, and Behavior with Holly Blanc Moses

Holly Blanc Moses, a mental health therapist offers advice to help kids with ADHD, eating habits and behaviors at the table.

Holly Blanc Moses joins me to talk about supporting your child with ADHD in their eating habits and behavior around food. She shares everything from her personal experiences being a parent of two differently wired children to debunking some common misconceptions about children with ADHD.

Holly is a Licensed Psychological Associate, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider with over 23 years of experience in ADHD, Autism, and anxiety. She is also the host of the Autism ADHD Podcast and Autism ADHD TV, where she provides parents and professionals with important information on mental health behavior, social interaction, and academic skills.

She discusses her primary research interest in differently wired children, how it paved the way for her specialization in working with kids with ADHD, autism, and anxiety, and how it extended into her personal life.

When it comes to helping children with ADHD, she stresses the need to first educate and understand for ourselves how their bodies and brains work. In this way, we can come from a place of support, love, and kindness instead of being critical and blaming.

In addition, she also highlights the need to communicate with them to guide them towards mastering skills, such as their executive functioning, controlling their impulses, and building their internal speech.

She emphasizes that the first thing we can do in terms of impulse control and supporting our children’s behavior around food on the table is to manage our expectations and check in and regulate ourselves so as not to shame them with unrealistic expectations.

She also enumerates different ways to help our children stay longer at the table. For her, family participation is a great way to structure the mealtime environment favorably for children.

While we hear everywhere that there should be no distractions at the table, these little distractions can help children with ADHD to be more engaged around the table and make it a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

What You’ll Learn About Tips for ADHD, Eating Habits, and Behavior:

  • Nutrition as complementary to the management of ADHD in children
  • The importance of being in their shoes and understanding their situation
  • How coming from a place of caring can positively change their perception and behavior
  • Communication as a cornerstone towards developing their life skills and controlling their impulses
  • Setting realistic expectations in terms of ourselves and our children around food
  • Building bridges as opposed to jumping mountains for building eating habits
  • Creative strategies in structuring an ADHD-friendly mealtime environment
  • How to engage kids at the dinner table
  • Distraction at the table as a tool for effective engagement and stimulation

Listen to the Show:

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Tips for ADHD, Eating Habits and Behavior

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