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When Can Kids Start Lifting Weights?

Strength training is safe for kids under certain conditions. Jill Castle breaks down when kids can start lifting weights and the important considerations for parents.

In today’s episode, I discuss when kids can start lifting weights and dive into the question, “Is it safe for kids to lift weights?”

Drawing from my experience as a private practice owner and as a concerned parent, I’ve come across this multiple times.

The societal pressure for young boys to have a muscular physique has become increasingly prevalent due to social media’s influence and the media’s general influence. 

However, it’s important to recognize the potential risks connected to an unhealthy preoccupation with physical looks and the formation of an unfavorable perception of one’s own body.

I also discuss the difference between building strength and bodybuilding, highlight the benefits of strength training for young children, and provide practical tips for safe and effective strength training routines.

Additionally, I share some signs to watch out for regarding poor body image and provide resources for more information.

So, let’s delve into this topic together and find ways to support our children’s strength and confidence while prioritizing their overall well-being.

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What You’ll Learn About Kids Lifting Weights

  • The risks of kids engaging in intensive bodybuilding or weightlifting
  • The influence of social media on boys’ desire to bulk up and build muscle
  • Potential dangers of a disordered relationship with one’s body in boys
  • Studies on the prevalence of weight gain attempts and muscle-building behaviors among teenage boys
  • Physiological risks of weightlifting for children’s bones, joints, and growth plates
  • Distinguishing between strength training and bodybuilding for kids
  • Warning signs of poor body image and disordered eating behaviors in children engaged in strength training
  • Guidelines and resources for safe and effective strength training in kids
  • The importance of supervision, proper technique, and avoiding overzealousness in strength training for children of all sizes

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Is It Safe for Kids to Lift Weights?

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