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The Power of Exercise for Kids with Rebecca Hasson

Dr. Rebecca Hasson discusses the power of physical activity and exercise for kids, the current recommendations, and the barriers to getting enough.

Rebecca Hasson, Ph.D., looks closely at the benefits of exercise for kids. She also explores how physical activity can help children improve their physical health and emotional well-being, as well as give tips on how to get your kids moving!

As kids grow and develop, they constantly explore and learn new things about their bodies and how they work. Physical activity is an excellent way for kids to stay healthy and fit while growing up. With the rise of technology and the increase in sedentary activities like watching television and playing video games, children need physical activity so they can be healthy and fit.

Many people don’t realize that physical activity does more than keep our kids’ bodies healthy – several emotional benefits come with it. Physical activities can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost self-esteem, while improving focus and concentration, and help kids cope with anxiety and depression.

“We have effectively engineered out physical activity in our daily lives.” -Dr. Rebecca Hasson Click To Tweet

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What You’ll Learn About The Power of Exercise for Kids with Rebecca Hasson

  • What drew her to research physical activity in children
  • Benefits of physical activity in children’s mental health, behavioral health, and well-being outcomes
  • Physical activity as a coping strategy to the different stressors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Move together, think together, and be together: helping teachers integrate more physical activity into the classroom and the home environment
  • Engineering physical activity back into children’s lives amidst the different barriers
  • Being strategic and inclusive in planning physical activities
  • Making physical activities more enjoyable and accessible for children and families
  • How to build physical activity as a habit for families
  • Giving ourselves and our children grace in taking the next small step towards fostering healthy habits

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The Power of Exercise for Kids with Rebecca Hasson

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