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The Best of Body Challenges in Children

Jill Castle explores body challenges in children, including recent research about when kids ‌put on extra body fat.

There are many reasons ‌children may have body challenges. Some of these are medical, such as hormonal disorders or genetic conditions. Others are environmental, such as a poor diet or lack of physical activity. And others are psychological.

In particular, there has been a focus on childhood obesity and the many associated health risks. Besides being a physical health concern, it can also lead to low self-esteem and body image issues. However, it is essential to remember that not all children have excess body fat; some children may not have enough body fat.

In this fifth episode of the summer series, ‘The Best of,’ I discuss the challenges children face regarding their body composition by looking at the latest scientific updates. I also review our relevant and previous episodes, which can help you navigate these challenges with your child.

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What You’ll Learn About The Best of Body Challenges in Children

  • The incidence of the disease of obesity in children
  • Primary school years as critical years for establishing healthful habits
  • Reducing stigma and improving children’s physical health and wellness
  • Reframing the perception of body image to encourage body kindness for kids
  • The role of society and social media in defining body and size stigma and its effects
  • Helping our children make healthy decisions without shaming them

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