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Responsive Feeding 101

You’ve likely heard the buzz around responsive feeding and listening to baby feeding cues, but do you really know how to use them with your child? We are talking about responsive feeding today, a term most often associated with babies that can be accurately applied to children into their teenage years.

Being good at responsive feeding involves learning the responsive feeding cues in your own child. It changes from child to child and, as a parent, it is up to you to learn your child’s unique patterns and feeding cues that indicate appetite signs.

Responsive Feeding 101

Responsive feeding helps your baby establish a foundation of trust with you, which lends to a solid attachment in their infancy stage. When you respect your toddler’s fullness, you preserve their native ability to recognize that they are full. Repeatedly ignoring their desire to be done eating trains your baby to overeat, something we want to avoid as parents.

Today, we are digging into the processes of responsive feeding, how to recognize baby feeding cues and the signs of non-responsive feeding as a parent. Understanding this area of feeding can be life-changing for your child’s eating habits and how they interact with their hunger.

It’s our job as parents not to interrupt the natural response our children’s bodies have to hunger and fullness, but instead to recognize their cues and support them in their unique patterns.

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What You’ll Learn About Baby Feeding Cues:

  • What responsive feeding is.
  • How to watch for and respond to a baby’s hunger cues.
  • What the differences are between head hunger and stomach hunger.
  • What your baby’s fullness signs are.
  • Why you should minimize distractions during feeding time.
  • Two signs of non-responsive feeding.
  • How to find the feeding schedule sweet spot.

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