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Born to Eat with Leslie Schilling

We are all Born to Eat! In this episode, I interview Leslie Schilling, part of the duo who wrote the Born to Eat book, about starting solids with baby and nurturing a healthy relationship with food.

We are Born to Eat

In the past five years alone, we have gained so much new knowledge about baby nutrition. If you are a new or soon-to-be parent, you will have most likely seen a study or two about baby-led weaning. It’s an approach to feeding your baby while giving your child a balanced and healthy approach to food.
Do you know where to start?  
I am lucky to have on the podcast today a fellow nutritionist, Leslie Schilling. Along with her co-author Wendy Jo Peterson, Leslie has recently published the book Born To Eat. What is so special about Born to Eat is that it is far more than just a book about feeding babies. This guide is all about teaching families how to have a healthy and balanced approach to nutrition. It emphasizes eating whole foods, eating together, and filling our diets with variety.  
Leslie isn’t a fan of the fad diet. In fact, she firmly believes that diet culture has distorted a lot of our thinking around food. We all want to eat well, but sometimes it is difficult to discern what good food actually is.
Do you feel like you have “nutrition intuition?”
Do you know what kinds of foods will fuel your own body, let alone your children’s bodies?  
This episode is perfect for parents who might be anxious to begin feeding their baby solid foods. Not so surprisingly, Leslie also has wonderful nuggets of information for individuals and families at any phase. I think you are going to love her child-centered approach that is both balanced and pressure free. Leave your notions at the door, and learn a little something new about feeding today! You will not be disappointed.  
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What You Will Learn About Born to Eat 

  • A solid definition of the baby-led weaning method. 
  • Baby-led weaning is about more than just babies. It’s a nutrition mindset. 
  • Babies have their own innate ability to self-regulate. 
  • The core values that are the heartbeat of Leslie and Wendy Jo’s book. 
  • Tips for parents who want to incorporate baby-led feeding into their family.
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What We Discuss 

  • Leslie shares how she grew up with food, cooking with her parents and eating family meals. 
  • Athletes grow up and have babies. They need to know what to eat! 
  • The protective factors that helped us both stay protected from diet culture. 
  • How Born to Eat came to be. 
  • Moving past homemade baby food. 
  • Leslie’s approach is flexible. 
  • Where parents get stuck the most, and what they should do to keep baby safe. 
  • Top tips for moms who want to use spoons and baby-led weaning. 
  • How to keep your child’s control over feeding while at school. 
  • Being present is so important.

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