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How to Encourage Autonomy at Snack Time

Learn how to build autonomy at snack time with four easy tips.

We have a love-hate relationship with snacks and snacking. We love their convenience and how they can ease the day with kids, especially when schooling from home, but we also hate the constant request for snack foods and some of the snacking habits we’re seeing in kids.

In my new book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Healthy Snacking: How to Raise a Smart Snacker from Tot to Teen, I encourage parents to take back the snack and teach them how to use snacks to build autonomy in kids, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

How to Encourage a Child’s Autonomy at Snack Time

Building a child’s autonomy with food and eating is nurturing your child’s capacity to self-regulate when you’re not around. It is encouraging them to have personal ownership and endorsing the behaviors you want to see in your child around food.  

Join me this week to learn why building autonomy is a super important phase of feeding kids. I’m sharing four solid tips on how to build autonomy at snack time, and some tips to help your kids make good choices around snacks.

By utilizing snacking as a way to build autonomy, you can stop being tormented by this love-hate relationship with snacking and encourage your kids to make nutritious choices, try new foods, and build your child’s knowledge about food balance.  

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What You’ll Learn About Encouraging Autonomy at Snack Time:

  • How we build autonomy in children.
  • Why we want children to feel empowered about what goes into their bodies.
  • How to encourage your children to make good choices around snacking.
  • What guided choices are and why they are useful.
  • The importance of allowing your children to be hands-on with their food.
  • Some ideas to help your kids feel empowered around snacks.

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